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Podcast :: Reengineering the Business of Healthcare With Dr. Matthew Kolinski: EP 1 P1 Adam Gladieux

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

On the premiere episode of Reengineering the Business of Healthcare, Matthew welcomes Adam Gladieux, the founder of RxRise, a marketplace platform that lists pharmaceutical manufacturers’ short-dated and surplus stock directly to pharmacies. In part one, Adam talks about his career journey in the world of pharmaceuticals, supply chains issues in the industry, and the inspiration for founding RxRise.

About Adam Gladieux: Adam has gained a keen understanding of the pain points surrounding short-date and surplus products in the pharmaceutical sector. Having worked in various leadership roles in his almost 18-year pharma career, he understands the challenges these products bring to the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, from the manufacturer down to the pharmacy. His passion for business, healthcare, technology, and the environment gives RxRise a unique perspective on getting rid of the billions of dollars worth of short-dated and surplus stock from going to waste.

When he’s not working on the latest project, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids. He also enjoys basketball, running and has a passion around all things growth mindset.

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