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Podcast :: Reengineering the Business of Healthcare With Dr. Matthew Kolinski: EP 3 PT 2 NISHA MEHTA

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Matthew wraps up his discussion with Dr. Nisha Mehta, a radiologist and the founder of Physician Side Gigs. Nisha is an international speaker and writer specializing in physician advocacy and addressing physician burnout. She is also the founder of two online physician community groups reaching more than 100,000 physicians. In part two, Nisha shares why doctors should stay true to themselves and how technology can be the solution to physician burnout.

Connect with Nisha online at, follow her on Twitter, and find the Physician Side Gigs group on Facebook.

About Nisha Mehta, MD: Dr. Mehta is a radiologist, keynote speaker, physician community builder, and physician advocate. Her missions include addressing the physician burnout epidemic through physician empowerment and cultural change in medicine, as well as increasing business and financial literacy amongst physicians in order to promote career longevity and career satisfaction. She has built online communities of over 135,000 verified physician members where these topics are routinely discussed. Her work has been featured in numerous international media outlets, including Forbes, CNN, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, and PBS NewsHour. She was named a 2020 Top Voice in Healthcare by LinkedIn and has led grassroots physician efforts to fight for legislation on behalf of healthcare workers and patients. She lives and works in Charlotte, NC with her husband, who is a plastic surgeon, and her two sons.

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