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Podcast :: Reengineering the Business of Healthcare With Dr. Matthew Kolinski: EP6 PT2 Sean Weiss

In the conclusion of Matthew’s conversation with Sean Weiss AKA “The Compliance Guy”, the Vice President of Compliance at DoctorsManagement, Sean talks about what it takes to be compliant today and what he would do to fix the healthcare industry.

About Sean Weiss: Sean has dedicated his more than 25 – year career to helping healthcare facilities. An accomplished compliance and management professional, Sean has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of government agencies at both the federal and state level.

Sean has been recognized time and again by clients for successfully protecting their organization from unwarranted penalties and ensuring they receive due process. Sean and his team of auditing and compliance experts have a proven record of having claims dismissed that had been brought against organizations targeted by federal, state, and commercial insurance payers.

A sought-after healthcare speaker, Sean has an engaging, no-nonsense style and has delivered keynote addresses for countless professional societies and healthcare organizations. In his educational sessions, Sean presents workable solutions to the latest issues surrounding healthcare compliance, medical auditing, and practice and revenue cycle management.

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